Come enjoy the SAVINGS!
The Home Decor Store was created to bring products that will meet your custom needs.  With over 700 different Futon combinations to choose from... you will find some that meets your style and your pricing needs.  We carry Futons that range in size from 28" - 60" wide.  All wood frames carry a warranty of 5 - 10 year depending on the futon.  Mattress's so comfortable it shouldn't be called a futon...  we call them Fantastic!

The Home Decor Store also sells custom art!  Not only can we print almost every size... but it will be a quality unlike any other.  Customer service like no other.  We never rush you through a project... we want it to be just as perfect or better than you imagined.  

The Home Decor Store supports Local artist by displaying their artwork in our stores.

We help during the sell... after the sell ... and later on down the line.  You see us at the grocery stores... out at the movies... and other places around town.  Family oriented business that care more about people than our pocket books.

Give us a call or email us anytime!
(509) 474-0224