The Modern Futon

Modern Futons

While today’s futons are typically used with frames and are too thick to be rolled up, they still serve two important purposes linked to their original uses: They offer a comfortable sleeping surface and take up less space than many other bedding options. Of course, today’s futons aren’t completely out of the way when they’re folded; they serve a different function as extra seating during the day. Since futons cost less money than a typical pull-out bed and take up less space than a full-sized bed, they’re quite economical.

Many people today use futons as fold-out guest beds, in either their home offices or living rooms, in order to preserve floor space while providing a sleeping surface that most find more comfortable than an air mattress — or a simple bed roll. Futons are also popular with the college crowd and in studio apartments due to their ability to serve double duty in very limited living spaces.

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